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Our insurance offer

At SYSCREDIT we are insurance brokers and we work to ensure that no unforeseen event prevents you from enjoying those well-deserved moments of leisure and fun. To this end, we offer you a wide range of products to ensure that we can share together the joy of a good trip. Because your satisfaction and safety is our commitment.

We collaborate with leading companies and specialists in nautical insurance to offer you the best cover at very competitive premiums.

Our policies include, among others, the following coverages:

  • Liability

    They cover the capital set by the Royal Decree and can be extended up to the limits requested by the insured..

  • Maritime Assistance and Towage

    Towing in case of loss or damage to port up to a contracted limit

  • English Clauses

    These are the Institute Yacht Clauses, they cover loss, damage or theft based on a market value. They cover everything that is not stated to be excluded.

  • Debris Removal and Environmental Contamination

    Possibility to add coverage to cover wreck recovery and environmental pollution caused by the wreck..

  • Total Loss and Particular Damage

    Covers damage to the vessel as a result of sinking, shipwreck, grounding, running aground, collision, collision, collision, collision, fire, explosion or seaquake.

  • Occupant accidents

    Possibility to take out cover for employer and occupants in the event of death, assistance or disability.

  • Expenses arising from the accidental activation of emergency devices.

    It would cover the possible costs of rescue after an emergency device - e.g. a radio beacon - has been activated by mistake..

  • Claims for damages

    In the event of damage to property or personal injury in an accident involving your vessel, we will claim compensation for damages from the responsible third party.